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A hub of creativity, 101 is a resource and space for artists to create and develop outdoor art

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101 Outdoor Arts – National Centre for Arts in Public Space is a hub of creativity and the UK’s major centre for the development of outdoor work.

As a physical resource for artists, the centre offers space to develop outdoor and site-specific work with specialised facilities ready to welcome and host creatives.

101 also offers a broad programme of professional development opportunities such as its 101 Labs and Toolbox cultural leadership programme.

Additionally, their team are on hand to assist with production advice, administration advice, scratch performances support and more; offering residencies to nurture artists who are developing their practice. As well as 101 being a space for creation, it becomes a catalyst for new artist relationships. Artists often meet others in residency; expanding their networks and sharing their knowledge.

As a unique space dedicated to artists, 101 are continually nurturing relationships with companies, and have an open form on their website to enquire about possible residency opportunities.

Why we joined Without Walls

Being a part of the Without Walls network becomes another part of 101’s offer to artists, engaging with the wider Outdoor Arts sector and having that greater awareness for what is happening across the industry. This allows 101 to offer even more resources and support to the artists in residency, and then in turn being a part of Without Walls advocates for the resources that 101 offer to the industry.

The wider platform of Without Walls allows 101 to connect with more artists, boost the support available for this creation space and offers wider sector insight.

Who are 101?

101 is born out of the Outdoor Arts programme at Corn Exchange Newbury. With a dedicated team led by Strategic Lead Simon Chatterton, Head of 101 and Outdoor Arts, Danielle Corbishley and Head of Creative Design Martin West, they have hosted over 16,000 artist residency days since they opened in 2013.

101 occupies a 20,000 sq ft warehouse building with dedicated rehearsal, fabrication and living facilities including en suite accommodation for 15 artists. Based on a former missile base and supported by Greenham Trust, the site of 101 is rooted in local history, once being the location of a long-running women’s peace camp and international protest against nuclear weapons.

Now it is a major centre for artistic creation and artist development that hosts 60 residencies a year for companies producing arts in public space as well as a range of professional development programmes.

Get to know the facilities and artists development opportunities at 101 on their website.

‘For us it’s not just the physical space but the community that comes with it that has been really valuable. When we show up there’s already a bespoke mentoring that happens – both with the staff at 101, but even there’s a group working next door that’s been doing outdoor arts for 15/ 20 years & they’ve been able to advise us.’

Ailin Conant, Artistic Director of Theatre Temoin


‘Without it, we wouldn’t be able to do our work realistically. In the early stages funding is limited and particularly with aerial, you can’t just go and set up in a normal rehearsal space… The cabins mean you can fully immerse yourself in the show for the duration of your residency when you’re living on site and gives you more flexibility.’

Bryony Livesey and Edd Casey, Co-Artistic Directors of Hikapee.

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