With a season of extraordinary outdoor arts coming to an end, we, are proud to share with you some of the tremendous feedback and reviews we’ve seen about this year’s commissions:

Thrill Laboratory’s VR Playground in which audiences take their place on a swing, don a VR headset and get taken on a virtual reality ride, seems like a living demonstration of research that suggests people are increasingly less interested in buying stuff and more keen on the experiential.” – Lyn Gardner

“Two shows that stood out for me though were Deaf Men Dancing’s Corazon a Corazon and Wild N Beets’ Bingo Lingo. Both shows explore and challenge stereotypical and restrictive perceptions of disabled people, albeit in very different ways…..[Corazon a Corazon] explores how people resist (or capitulate to) different types of oppression. The fusion of sign language with contemporary dance to explore these issues is particularly powerful as sign language has itself often been a form of resistance for Deaf people against an oralist culture that has at times tried to eliminate sign language and suppress Deaf culture…[Bingo Lingo] wears its disability politics lightly at first but it becomes more hard-hitting as it progresses, with reference to ‘Austerity Wars Forty- four’ and Teresa May’s current leadership (‘May we not’ as Cyril says). The show critiques the extreme stereotypes of disabled people, as either ‘Superhuman’ athletes or ‘benefit scroungers’. Like Corazon a Corazon, the show explores how disabled people can resist the dominant narratives about their identities.” – Marianne Lemond 

“My 8-year-old laughed with a side order of relish as she was inspected as a potential dinner and found wanting (needs fattening up!). Others let out squeals as a water pistol was aimed through the hut window. My friend Heather and I were embraced as “Sisters! When shall we three meet again?!” Hopefully sooner rather than later Baba Yaga…” – LucyLovesCircus

“It’s literally magical and fantastic! A Moon suspended above the pool of the Saint-Georges pool. The illusion is incredible and the Rennais and Rennes can enjoy this Sunday morning.” – Samuel Nohra (Ouest France)

“In Unlimited Theatre’s How I Hacked My Way Into Space, John Spooner is the orange-suited spaceman on a mission to Mars when he accidentally sets up his own space agency. The show is a brilliantly funny, real-life tale of one man’s quest to achieve the seemingly impossible and hack his way into space. An entertaining piece which captivated both children and adults…” – Simone Green

If you haven’t seen this year’s Without Walls commissions then fear not as many of them are still touring both across the UK and overseas in Europe and Asia. For the latest tour dates, confirmed dates for 2018, and availability for the upcoming year, please contact the companies.

Looking forward to 2018, we are still shortlisting the applications for this year’s open call, so stay tuned for the latest information.