Residents across the UK have been treated to Outdoor arts right on their very own doorstep as the Without Walls Associate Touring Network partners invested in Taster Tours prior to the main festivals.

Taster Tours is a successful strand of audience development piloted by Appetite, Stoke-On-Trent during the first round of the ATN project. It sees the festivals take high-quality outdoor arts directly to areas of the lowest socioeconomic achievement and engagement with the arts. The purpose of the taster tours is to whet the appetite of those in these areas and encourage them to go on and attend the main festival.

So far, taster tours have been delivered by;

  • Right Up Our Street, Doncaster featuring The Lift by Wet Picnic in Doncaster and 8 Songs by Gandini Juggling in Balby by the Sea 
  • Appetite, Stoke-On-Trent have brought Lance Moi En L’Air by Joli Vyann, The Audition Project by Miss High Leg Kick and H.O.H. by Far from The Norm to the city
  • More taster tours are coming up the from Lancashire Encounters featuring BEES! by Artizani and Vegetable Nannies by Plunge Boom and The Lift by Wet Picnic

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