Board Shadowing Opportunity with Artistic Directors of the Future

16 December 2021

Board Shadowing Programme 2021/22

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Without Walls is thrilled to be one of the host organisations for the Artistic Directors of the Future (ADF) Board Shadowing Programme.

Artistic Directors of the Future‘s award-winning Board Shadowing Programme is a first-of-its-kind initiative, taking place in arts organisations across the UK. This unique programme offers ADF members the exclusive opportunity to shadow arts board. The programme is designed to demystify the roles and responsibilities of the board, broker relationships with aspiring trustees and create an even playing field for near-future opportunities.

The shadowing placements are exclusive to ADF members Black, Asian and ethnically diverse (Global Majority) arts professionals and career changers with great insight or experience to offer a board. Membership is free, with optional paid subscriptions, find out more about ADF Membership.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with ADF, and look forward to gaining new insights from the Board Shadowers, as well as providing pathways for a more representative cultural sector. This aligns with our existing commitment to diversify the outdoor arts sector and builds on an existing programme of activities to support Black, Asian and ethnically diverse creatives working in the field of outdoor arts across the country.

We see this as an opportunity to effect change while at the same time empowering diverse creatives to demystify governance and understand how decisions are made at board level, and we look forward to welcoming the ADF shadowers in the months to come.”

David Morgan, Programme Manager, XTRAX

How to apply

Applicants fill in a short application form, submit their CV, profile picture and an equal opportunities form. ADF shortlists the applicants for the interview. The deadline to apply is 17 January, 2022. 

Interviews are held in London or online over 2 days. Each host organisation attends at least one interview day and are involved in the final selection process.

At the start of the programme ADF host an induction day, which includes training for the shadowers and the chance for the organisations and shadowers to get to know each other.