Launching artists into a brighter year

6 April 2021

As festivals across the network begin to announce dates and programmes to launch us safely back outdoors this summer, we are busy supporting artists and audiences to prepare for the great return to the outdoors. 

With the effects of COVID-19 still being felt, we can see how the pandemic has impacted all arts and cultural organisations. Across Without Walls, we have shown the power of collaboration by sharing advice and knowledge and together helped artists to continue to make great outdoor work. While there is much uncertainty at the beginning of 2021, we’re confident that the outdoor arts sector can be as innovative and resilient as ever.

In 2020 across Without Walls we:

  • Invested in projects with Blueprint
  • Hosted webinars with over 300 attendees: watch recordings on our youtube here
  • Worked with artists and professionals on our Without Walls TALKS blog series
  • Partnered on audience development projects across the network, such as access provisions at GDIF 2020
  • Adapted our Discover Programme for virtual learning, with Severn Arts

And more! Watch below to see a snapshot of how Without Walls came together across the network to support the sector in this unprecedented year.


Support your work creating and touring outdoor arts this summer with our COVID-19 resources and Toolkit, where you’ll find information and advice to support your creation of work in 2021. Also, find out more about the Without Walls Programme touring across outdoor spaces near you this summer here, and see this year’s festival dates announced so far here.

Animation created by independent designer Robert Lomas