Creative BasildON

Creative People and Places programme in Basildon Borough

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Creative BasildON is a radical cultural programme for people living, working and socialising in Basildon Borough.

They unleash the creative spirit that runs through the veins of their community and provide more opportunities for local people to commission, create, and participate in cultural activity in Basildon.

As one of 39 Arts Council England (ACE) funded Creative People and Places programmes, they work across the Borough to engage more people with more art, more often. Creative BasildON develop hyperlocal Community Voices groups, enabling co-commissioning on resident’s doorsteps and across their green and urban spaces over the Borough, while concentrated in areas that haven’t traditionally had much cultural activity going on. They activate the high street, whether in the town centre or in your local row of shops. They also bring in large scale events which create watercooler moments, and develop network with communities to tell new stories of the many lives across the Borough.

Why we joined Without Walls

We believe that working alongside Without Walls and their global reputation, and localised partners in the CDN, will help support and grow our activity on the ground in Basildon Borough. We recognise the power of peer to peer learning and networks, and feel we can add significant value with our experience of community engagement, co-designing cultural productions, and delivering fantastic on-the-ground events.

We aim to develop our strengths in supporting artists to create high quality outdoor art. We believe this approach fits alongside our socially engaged practice, and commitment to nurturing work developed in the Borough through feedback, mentoring, resources, and R&D led commissioning, and will support more artists in South Essex / working alongside Basildon Communities to develop and engage with ambitious outdoor art. We are keen to support artists from across England, UK & Internationally to bring work to Basildon, and to feed into new commissions through feedback, mentoring, resources. We are keen to support and be involved in the network by offering peer learning support.

Impact on Local Communities

A sustainable cultural system in Basildon that unleashes the power of 185,000 creative people, by ensuring no cultural expression is undervalued, no creative mind goes to waste, no curiosity goes unsatisfied, and no voice goes unheard.

Long-term social change and raised aspirations of our communities and residents.


What's Happening at Creative Basildon

In 2024 they will deliver a programme around Basildon’s 75th birthday as a New Town. They put communities in the lead, co-designing our programmes of activity on a hyperlocal basis. Creative BasildON aim for this to support development of a Festival & Outdoor Arts network locally, train volunteers and community leaders, support a diverse range of Basildon residents to get involved with co-producing, curating, and commissioning work on their doorstep, and getting out to ‘go-see’ quality and ambitious outdoor art activity elsewhere.