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Supporting regeneration, creating ways to connect community and place and increasing engagement and provision.

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Hampshire Cultural Trust (HCT) was established as an independent charity in 2014 to promote Hampshire as a county that offers outstanding cultural experiences to both its residents and visitors.

They have recently been awarded National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) status which will enable them over the next three years to:

•Increase the quality of provision in three of Arts Council England’s priority places in Hampshire: Gosport, Rushmoor and New Forest

•Coordinate greater partnership working in each of the priority places, bringing together partners from across sectors to increase provision and impact

•Support artists, groups and organisations to develop the skills needed to drive a thriving and sustainable arts and cultural sector

Hampshire Cultural Trust

Why we joined Without Walls

The appetite for new or expanded annual or biennial outdoor arts events in both locations is strong. Work planned will act as a pilot and a catalyst for other individuals and organisations to produce outdoor events in their communities. Programming under the Touring Network Partnership (TNP) will start in events directly organised by HCT in partnership with local groups, but could, over the three years, become embedded within more cultural events across the respective boroughs.

Being a part of Without Walls Touring Network Partnership will provide a vital network for us as we develop new activity across the two boroughs. We’re looking forward to collaborating with and learning from the other partners across the network. The support from Without Walls will enable access to high quality, diverse programming and will help to put Gosport and Rushmoor on the cultural map for touring companies and organisations.

Impact on Local Communities

Hampshire Cultural Trust’s vision is to create inspirational cultural experiences in Hampshire that enrich and transform lives.

Our mission is to provide great arts, heritage, museums and creative programming, working closely with local and national partners, and placing communities, our collections and their stories at the heart of everything we do.

Our goals:

  • To provide high-quality programmes and venues that engage diverse audiences and inspire local pride
  • To improve wellbeing, health and happiness through cultural experiences
  • To deliver a sustainable future for culture in Hampshire, contributing to the local economy and building stronger communities
  • To create fulfilling employment and volunteering opportunities through culture

What's Happening at Hampshire Cultural Trust

Hampshire Cultural Trust has established cultural development teams in Rushmoor and Gosport, Hampshire. The objective for cultural development work in both areas is to support regeneration, for cultural activities create new and better ways to connect communities and place, increase levels of provision through cross-sector partnership working and new investment, and grow engagement with existing and new audiences locally.

Ongoing work in Gosport and Rushmoor will see cultural activities thrive within their diverse geographies through a collaborative, co-created approach to delivery. Events and Outdoor Arts plays a key role in connecting with people where they are, on the doorsteps of communities. By developing programmes of regular outdoor events and experiences at all scales, both led by their organisation and by supporting others, Hampshire Cultural Trust aim to foster local pride in place, broaden participation, develop new and existing audiences and highlight the unique spaces each borough offers.