Discover 2023

Discover provides opportunities for artists, directors, producers and creatives who are new to Outdoor Arts to learn more about what it means to make work outdoors.

Our 2023 programme will:

  • Introduce practitioners to the outdoor sector in a group environment
  • Encourage progressive and critical discussions
  • Provide space, time and bespoke guidance for participants wanting to explore making work for the outdoors

Participants will:

  • Receive access to pre-recorded online masterclasses and talks about what it means to make work outdoors
  • Attend a Without Walls partner festival (Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) or Greenwich and Docklands International Festival (GDIF)) and see a curated programme of Outdoor Artwork
  • Have opportunity to discuss and reflect on the work they see
  • Attend a series of live and participatory talks, including group sessions with industry experts and specialists, both online and in person
  • Access a 1-1 mentoring session with a specialist matched to their needs and interests
  • Have space to come together in a supportive and open environment
  • Access Without Walls resources

Discover 2023 Artists

We are delighted to announce the artists, producers and creatives taking part in the 2023 Discover Programme. Discover provides opportunities for those who are new to Outdoor Arts to learn more about what it means to make work outdoors.

Each of the participants will attend a series of guided sessions with industry practitioners taking place throughout the year.

Tess Farley, Senior Project Manager for the programme said:

Now in it’s fifth year, our Discover programme builds on the success of, and learning from, Discover in previous years. We’re delighted that this year we are able to offer a programme which responds to the needs of participants; providing a range of ways to explore making work outdoors, including offering bespoke opportunities for light-touch mentoring and a co-produced session with experts for the first time.

More about the programme in Tess’s recent blog, ‘More to Discover’.

More about each of the participants

Outline of the programme

Digital Discovery: 10 July – 3 Aug 
Self-guided engagement with a number of recorded sessions and masterclasses exploring a range of topics, to watch in your own time. Topics include: 

  • Meet the Artists 
  • Meet the Festivals 
  • Meet the Producers 
  • Meet the Strategic & Partner Organisations 

You’ll also have access to other Without Walls resources. 

Digital Connect:  a get- to-know-each-other session, 26 July 
In this online meet, we’ll find out more about each other: participants will be asked to prepare a brief Pecha Kucha introduction to them and their work, you’ll learn more about Without Walls and we’ll collectively discuss and agree the needs, expectations and wants of the group as we establish a supportive and open collective environment. 

Stockton International Riverside Festival: curated Visit, 4 and 5 August 
Participants attending SIRF will watch a curated programme of outdoor work in Stockton, with opportunity to discuss and reflect in a group. 

Tea & Talks| Speed Dating | Meet the AD: Stockton International Riverside Festival, 4 and 5 August   
Participants attending SIRF will engage in a range of workshops and sessions in Stockton, with opportunity to meet some of our Artistic Directorate, Industry experts and specialists.  

Digital Brews: Reflections on SIRF & Co-Production for Future Session, 11 August 
Participants who attended SIRF will come together to reflect; and collectively contribute to the planning of the next online session.

1-1 Digital Brew with Tess (Project Manager): 14 – 18 August, 1 hour session
An informal check-in: we will and agree what you would find most useful for your mentoring session with an industry expert, based on your needs and preferences. 

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival: Curated Visit, 26 and 27 August
Participants attending GDIF will watch a curated programme of outdoor work, with opportunity to discuss and reflect in a group.  

Tea & Talks| Speed Dating | Meet the AD: Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, 26 and 27 August
Participants attending GDIF will engage in a range of workshops and sessions, with opportunity to meet some of our Artistic Directorate, industry experts and specialists.   

Digital Connect: Co-produced Specialist Session, 12 September
Designed and planned responding to the group’s needs, this session will engage with industry specialists to enable Discover participants to delve deeper in an area, or areas of interest that would be most beneficial to them. 

1-1 mentoring sessions: 12 September – 12 October, 1 Hour Session
An opportunity to meet with a mentor matched with your particular needs and interests. 

Digital Connect: Final reflective meeting & Evaluation session, 18 October
The group will come together to evaluate and reflect on their experiences with Discover. 

Comments from previous participants

“The programme gave me a huge insight into the types of outdoor works out there but also about the logistics of creating work for the outdoors. It was a great opportunity to meet other artists, festival producers and the programme of talks and events were well curated and hugely useful.”

Subathra Subramaniam, Artistic Director and Joint CEO, Akademi

“It was amazing to be part of the cohort, meet other artists who are doing similar work across the UK.”

Michaela Cisarikova, Discover 2021

“So many inspirational speakers and was facilitated in a very professional way, all the while putting everyone at ease to be able ask questions as they came up.”

Gina Chan Martinez, Discover 2021

“By far the best opportunity I have had to learn the ins and outs of outdoor arts and networks with so many artists, organisations and inspiring people… It was such a pleasant surprise to come to such an open space with wonderful people and find guidance in the form of people who knew what they were doing.”

Discover 2019 participant

Image credits:
Banner and featured image – There Should Be Unicorns, Middle Child © Tom Arran