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Making a positive difference to people’s lives by connecting them to high-quality creative experiences

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Their mission is to make a positive difference to people’s lives by connecting them to high-quality creative experiences.

Oldham Council aims to deliver a diverse range of participatory, co-produced, fun, creative and cultural experiences; reflecting the heritage and identity of our local area.

They want to make Oldham’s outdoor and indoor spaces and cultural facilities, events and exhibitions, gigs and performance opportunities more easily available to Oldham’s diverse, creative communities and visiting artists, businesses and organisations. 

Why we joined Without Walls

‘Oldham Council joined the Without Walls TNP so that we can access exciting and diverse new outdoor work that we might not previously have been able to programme.  It enables our programming team to network with festival teams from across the UK, share our experiences, share knowledge and benefit from the networks wider CPD opportunities.’

Impact on Local Communities

Oldham Council’s aims and objectives are to enable all people living and working in Oldham to have the opportunity to experience and participate in creative and Cultural celebrations while supporting the ongoing economic regeneration of the Town Centre and its cultural organisations while supporting the visitor economy.

They want the culture in Oldham to be more visible, accessible, inclusive, innovative and exciting. The aim is for the distinctive heritage and dynamic cultural offer to bring diverse residents, audiences and visitors from all backgrounds together in Oldham – entertaining, inspiring and enabling them to lead more creative, equitable, healthy, happy and prosperous lives.

Oldham Council want to celebrate this unique and proud borough of Greater Manchester: a place where artists, cultural organisations, businesses, and communities are able to work closely together and are supported to develop and thrive.

‘It was a fabulous event! First time we had been. We had a 4, 7, 8 year old with us and they all loved the whole event. Well done to all involved.’

‘What an incredible night! Thank you to everyone who made this evening possible.’

‘We had a fantastic night yet again. Seriously don’t know how Oldham are going to top it next year.’

‘Fantastic event! Every year gets bigger and better. Great to see all the community come together and be proud. Well done Oldham. Lots of smiles from everyone…’

The Arts & Events programme audiences

Events at Oldham Council

Oldham’s FREE annual outdoor arts festival celebrating arts, culture, community and place.

Join us as we showcase the very best local, regional and national street theatre, music, dance and visual arts as it transforms spaces across the Town centre.

As part of the 175th anniversary in 2024 of Oldham becoming a municipal borough in 1849 the festival will celebrate its people, places and their pastimes. Don’t miss a jam-packed programme of accessible, family friendly entertainment and activities with something for all.