Festival of Thrift

23 September 2023 - 24 September 2023

The Festival of Thrift programme includes exhibitions, films, talks, dance, food, theatre, music, participation, making, fixing, debating and advice.  

Each year the festival has a distinctive theme, linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals that informs the creative programme. In 2023, the festival will continue exploring Sustainable Cities & Communities and in 2024 the theme will look at Health & Wellbeing as they build partnerships around Tees Valleys pioneering approach to Arts in Health. In 2025 they will focus on industry, innovation and infrastructure which will align with the 200th anniversary of the first passenger train in Tees Valley. 

They will develop skills, knowledge & confidence in sustainable & heritage arts and crafts in all disciplines by working alongside recycling/upcycling enthusiasts and engaging high calibre artists with a commitment to social engagement. 

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