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Without Walls encourages artists to take risks and experiment with their craft. We do this through our Blueprint funding programme, which supports the research and development of ambitious new work which is in the early stages of development.

Since its inception in 2018, Without Walls Blueprint R&D has supported the creation of 100 shows, with many going on to become fully-realised productions.

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Theatre Témoin

Eau de Memoire

Francesca Baglione / Miss High Leg Kick

In the centre of the images are 2 performers. Laura, a curvy brown skinned Filipino female wheelchair user with an above right knee amputation wearing a plum coloured dress. She is sat in a manual wheelchair. Danielle, a white woman with ginger hair in ponytails is wearing an ochre jumpsuit. Together they create the shape of a starfish. Laura's left arm is stretched outwards and her right arm is clasped around the waist of Danielle. Danielle has her legs spread out midair, her feet are flexed, and her right arm is stretched outwards. They look at each other smiling. Behind them is a sunny urban street with a blue sky. They’re framed by bare-branched trees.

Look Mum, No Hands!

Daryl and Co. and Mimbre

At night, someone in a bright red jumper looks up, with a big smile on her face, at the giant lit-up inflatable arcing over her head.


Air Giants


Common Wealth and Fuel

Pedal Powered Silly Sideshow: The Water Cycle

Bureau Of Silly Ideas

A performer poses wearing bold and colourful clothes: a red hat with black faux fur band; sunglasses; a multicoloured, mostly pink, paisley silk shirt; a pastel pink overcoat with lilac lining and a silver flower brooch pinned on the lapel; orange striped tie; and blood orange high-waisted trousers with a black belt.


Patrick Ziza Dance

Colourful bouncy plastic balls fall out of a trap door installed in a wooden grand piano, which is suspended several metres off the ground. You can just catch a glimpse of someone's hands pushing the balls out.

Standing High

Out Of Order

Outdoors at night, someone is smiling and looking up close at a big robotic flower, which has petals made out of lace and bent metal wire is lit by a pink light.Tucked inside is purple felt that resembles more petals.

The Uncommons

Little Lost Robot

A black-and-white photo from rehearsals. A performer is being lifted up by four other performers, with three performers spotting behind them.

A series of attempts to take up space [working title]

Jennifer Jackson with Nickie Miles-Wildin and Kat Joyce

Close-up of giant Hanuman and Ravan wooden puppets.

Ancient Giants


Two performers are posing on a folded ladder. One is climbing up the ladder and holding onto the other folded side with one hand. The other is leaning back on the other side of the ladder, reaching up with his hand.

Closer to My Dreams

Chad Taylor

Jatra Theatre [working title]

Bangla Folk


Joli Vyann

Tit for Tat logo. The text is white on red squares, like it has been cut out from a newspaper. Ryan, one of the Tit for Tat members, puts his hands over Louis's ears, the other founding member of the company.

Knights of Sir Kuss

Tit for Tat

BRILLIANT [working title]


Community Chest

Matthew Harrison

Big Gay Disco Bike

Fatt Projects

The Promise – an Operatic Adaptation

Lucy Bradley

A Thousand Stories High

Mark Murphy