Explore the Without Walls shows

Without Walls encourages artists to take risks and experiment with their craft. We do this through our Blueprint funding programme, which supports the research and development of ambitious new work which is in the early stages of development.

Since its inception in 2018, Without Walls Blueprint R&D has supported the creation of 100 shows, with many going on to become fully-realised productions.

A person wearing a black jumpsuit. Red chiffon is draped over their head and over their arm that is reached out to the side.

Tell Me [working title]

Sadiq Ali

A black and white image of a large, wooden wheel.

Parade – The Giant Wheel

Autin Dance Theatre

Four performers are rehearsing a pieces in a room full of reflective materials around the outside. Two are on a bicycle and sidecar, one is in a wheelchair and the last is behind them on rollerskates.


Ockham's Razor and Oily Cart


Shyam Dattani

A matriarch stands adorned with her fabric crown. Image is in hues of purple and yellow.

(An Ode To) Sweet Mothers


Moments from first R and D. Performers Jonny Leitch, Tilly Lee-Kronick and Helene Park. Images by Omari ‘Motion’ Carter

Anchored in Air [working title]

Head Over Wheels

Pedal Powered Silly Sideshow: The Water Cycle

Bureau Of Silly Ideas

A black-and-white photo from rehearsals. A performer is being lifted up by four other performers, with three performers spotting behind them.

A series of attempts to take up space [working title]

Jennifer Jackson with Nickie Miles-Wildin and Kat Joyce

Close-up of giant Hanuman and Ravan wooden puppets.

Ancient Giants


Two performers using an unusual steel apparatus are dancing on it. One is lead back while the other is crouched on it.

Closer to My Dreams

Chad Taylor

Jatra Theatre [working title]

Bangla Folk

BRILLIANT [working title]


The Promise – an Operatic Adaptation

Lucy Bradley

A Thousand Stories High

Mark Murphy

Space to Fly

Unlimited Theatre and Upswing

Bus Boycott

China Plate Theatre

Bolly Kuthu


The Hatchling


Fussy Foodies Frolicking!

Just More Productions

Out of the Deep Blue

Autin Dance Theatre