Explore our programme of new shows for 2022 and the full back catalogue of Without Walls shows. See what's on in 2022

Our 2022 programme highlights and brings together some of the most exciting new companies and street artists making vital work for the public space.

As we move out of the Covid19 pandemic, the programme continues to enforce the importance of outdoor arts in restoring audience confidence and breaking boundaries.

The shows in the programme explore a myriad of themes, including digital art, nature, mental health and wellbeing, climate change, black excellence, family and community. This range of themes speaks to the strange and difficult times we are living through - and to the joy of once again sharing glorious times in the streets and spaces of towns and cities across the nation.


Theatre Témoin

Eau de Memoire

Francesca Baglione / Miss High Leg Kick

In the centre of the images are 2 performers. Laura, a curvy brown skinned Filipino female wheelchair user with an above right knee amputation wearing a plum coloured dress. She is sat in a manual wheelchair. Danielle, a white woman with ginger hair in ponytails is wearing an ochre jumpsuit. Together they create the shape of a starfish. Laura's left arm is stretched outwards and her right arm is clasped around the waist of Danielle. Danielle has her legs spread out midair, her feet are flexed, and her right arm is stretched outwards. They look at each other smiling. Behind them is a sunny urban street with a blue sky. They’re framed by bare-branched trees.

Look Mum, No Hands!

Daryl and Co. and Mimbre

At night, someone in a bright red jumper looks up, with a big smile on her face, at the giant lit-up inflatable arcing over her head.


Air Giants


Common Wealth and Fuel


Joli Vyann

A performer jumps off coloured boxes. She is wearing a unicorn headband, pastel knitted vest and a grey school skirt. Her pastel rainbow capes flows behind her. She is holding a silver trophy.

There Should Be Unicorns

Middle Child

People enjoying the FeelPlay bouncy castle. In front of the bouncy castle, Christopher Green holds a beach ball in their arms.


Christopher Green

Community Chest

Matthew Harrison

Lives of Clay

The Clay Connection

Two people sat on blue cushions around a tree carved out of wood that has a small speaker attached towards the top. Notes are tied to the tree’s branches with pieces of string. Also hanging from the tree and the wires attaching it to the ground are silk garlands.

Final Farewell

Tara Theatre

The Album: Skool Edition


Born to Protest

Joseph Toonga

Big Gay Disco Bike

Fatt Projects

No Man’s Land

Collectif and then...


Avant Garde Dance