Explore our programme of new shows for 2023 and the full back catalogue of Without Walls shows. See what's on in 2023

We are excited to announce the 13 artists in our 2023 programme, who will tour across England this summer.

We are committed to making vital and accessible work for public space. The 2023 programme is filled with work from some of the UK’s most highly regarded outdoor arts and performance specialists, and brings together some of the most exciting new companies and street artists.

The programme explores multiple themes, including protest, darkness and light, family, food heritage, imagined futures and ballroom culture. In these challenging times, it gives much needed breathing space to complex yet important social issues, while providing warmth and hope for better days ahead.

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I think we should start over

Candoco Dance Company and Jamaal Burkmar

A promotional image for You & Me. Two South Asian men wearing suits. They are both pouting - on toward the camera and one facing the other. They both wear colourful shirts with smart blazers over the top.

You & Me

Amina Khayyam Dance Company

Messy Mama T throws her hands up in the air whilst wearing her chef's outfit and stood over a metal bowl adn some fruit.

Fussy Foodies: Battle of The Pans

Just More Productions

Family Catwalk Extravaganza promotional image of a performer with colourful makeup. Their eye make up is diamond shape blue and green eye shadow with dark brows. Their face is painted white and their lips, cheeks and nose all painted a pinky-red tone. They are wearing a white top and long, dark braids held up by a black head scarf.

Family Catwalk Extravaganza

Ghetto Fabulous

Ancient Futures promotional banner. Ancient Futures appears in a digital style font in white in the centre. The image shows a Black person wearing bright pink crop top and leggings with a purple diamond print over the top. There is a large sound system in the background and a reflected image of another Black person doing back flips either side. The image has a pink to blue ombre and is in the Afro-Futurist style.

Ancient Futures

Unlimited Theatre & Upswing

Working Boys Club image of two white men with shaved heads wearing white t-shirts and braces over the top. The are stood behind a bar under a red canopy that says 'Working Boys Club'.

Serving Sounds

Working Boys Club

Two visitors stand in front of the bright yellow tuk tuk which is front of two large dome structures and surrounded by greenery.



3 performers in traditional, bright, South Asian clothing all jump through a colourful frame set against forestry.

Mughal Miniatures

Sonia Sabri Company

3 performers wearing traditional South Asian clothing jumping in the air.

Choogh Choogh


Four aeriel circus performers are attached to wires and spinning around a central structure.


Gorilla Circus

A person with a long, curly, black mustache talks to a puppet which they are holding in their hand. The puppet is made from wood.

A la Puppet Carte

Thingumajig Theatre



A promotional image of a magician's hand holding an egg. It says Crow in yellow text.


Avanti Display