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Avanti Display


A performer outside with rolling green hills and trees behind them interacts with a puppet blacksmith in their forge. The tower the forge is in is taller than the performer and covered in other opening hatches.

A la Puppet Carte

Thingumajig Theatre


We see a female presenting performer's face looking at the camera. They are carrying a large bamboo structure and we're looking at them through green mesh.




I think we should start over

Candoco Dance Company and Jamaal Burkmar


Two performers dance in symmetry to each other outside in front of an audience sat on the floor around them. They are wearing colourful business-wear but are barefoot. There is a drummer behind them to the left of the stage.

You & Me

Amina Khayyam Dance Company


Four colourful performers are around or in a light blue volkswagen beetle that has flowers growing through it and writing on the windows.

Fussy Foodies: Battle of The Pans

Just More Productions


A black performer, outside in the sun, is wearing a black durag and black sleeveless top. They have strong arms that are bent with their hands level with their face. They are wearing a black lace fingerless glove on their right hand. They are wearing a white lace fingerless glove on their left hand. They are wearing a white cage veil over their nose, eyes and forehead, it has white beads on it. The performers eyes are closed and mouth is open in a soft 'o'. Their black trousers has white strips down both sides. The audience are sitting on the floor behind them.

Family Catwalk Extravaganza

Ghetto Fabulous


Five black performers, in different colourful clothes, hold their arms and faces up to the sky. They are outside in front of a large speakers set up.

Ancient Futures

Unlimited Theatre & Upswing


Working Boys Club image of two white men with shaved heads wearing white t-shirts and braces over the top. The are stood behind a bar under a red canopy that says 'Working Boys Club'.

Serving Sounds

Working Boys Club


A performer has a dark beard, red short-sleeve top and orange printed wrap skirt is stood in front of an audience wearing headphones. They are looking upwards and smiling with their arms outstretched to their sides. Behind them in a colourful yellow van painted with flowers and text. Inside the van is pink wooden cabinets.




3 performers in traditional, bright, South Asian clothing all jump through a colourful frame set against forestry.

Mughal Miniatures

Sonia Sabri Company


3 performers wearing traditional South Asian clothing jumping in the air.

Choogh Choogh



An aerial performer wearing all white is suspended in the air by their dark hair. They are holding a red smoke bomb in their right hand. It is night time and they are lit from behind.


Gorilla Circus


A performer jumps off coloured boxes. She is wearing a unicorn headband, pastel knitted vest and a grey school skirt. Her pastel rainbow capes flows behind her. She is holding a silver trophy.

There Should Be Unicorns

Middle Child



Kit Green


Lives of Clay

The Clay Connection


Two people sat on blue cushions around a tree carved out of wood that has a small speaker attached towards the top. Notes are tied to the tree’s branches with pieces of string. Also hanging from the tree and the wires attaching it to the ground are silk garlands.

Final Farewell

Tara Theatre


Two dancers are leaping in the air in front of a fence, the bottom half of the fence is graffittied concrete, the top half is wire showing the trees behind. Both damcers are wearing brightly coloured clothes and smiling towards their audience off camera.

The Album: Skool Edition



Born to Protest

Just Us Dance Theatre


No Man’s Land

Collectif and then...