The Accidental Steam & Pressure Navigation Company

The latest in a series of acquisitions by the Accidental Steam and Pressure Navigation Company, The Galvonium, was built in 1789 by the notorious 2-bit composer and accidental electrician Luigi Galvani, in a bid to win the affections of his long-time heartthrob from arch-rival nemesis Allessandro Volta.

A mysterious musical artefact, The Galvonium is a classic example of genius pushed to the edge by the Vexations of Love; you are invited to take this rare opportunity to acquaint yourself with what must surely be one of the world’s most surreal and entertaining musical whimsies.


About Balletboyz II: The Next Generation

The Pressure Company is a group of specialist curators working in the fields of fabulous objects and undiscovered histories, whose mission is to conserve and represent some of the finest examples of bizarre musical engineering for the education, edification and entertainment of the public.

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Supported by Without Walls

Commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Financial support from Awards For All (2008)