Anchored in Air [working title]

Head Over Wheels

Dance, Aerial, Music/Sound, Theatre

Moments from first R and D. Performers Jonny Leitch, Tilly Lee-Kronick and Helene Park. Images by Omari ‘Motion’ Carter

A fun, energetic exploration of the push and pull between all of us in the world, what weighs us down, and what empowers us.

Anchored in Air is a new innovative inclusive aerial show. The show combines circus, movement, live drumming and a completely original score. They are an integrated cast of disabled and non-disabled circus performers, using unique aerial set ups to explore how they hinder and uplift each other and themselves. Through their counter-weighting line they aim to embody the connection and responsibilities they have to each other as humans. Using audio description as an integral creative device, embedded into their sound score, they aim for this show to be accessible to anyone. Expect exciting, raw, tender and relatable circus.  

About Head Over Wheels

Head Over Wheels was co-founded by Coral Dawson and Tilly Lee-Kronick, after completing their degrees at Circomedia in 2017, and quickly joined by drummer and aerialist Jonny Leitch. As a multidisciplinary company they combine aerial, music and theatre to create exciting work that conveys themes and narratives.

Head Over Wheels strive for access within the arts, centring their work on inclusive design, focusing on access tools as a creative devise rather than an additional after thought. We want to challenge the expectations of what a “circus body” should look like. Our aim is to subvert the trends of glamorous and sensational circus, making domestic and relatable work that resonates with audiences on a personal level.  

Why we applied to Without Walls Blueprint R&D Programme and what we hope to get out of this process

As a company we believe art and theatre should be accessible to all. Performing outdoors takes away so many barriers that some might face when trying to see theatre and circus allowing us to reach a more diverse audience and effect more people. This is why we applied to Without Walls, and so we are honoured to be supported by an organisation that champions the outdoor arts. Throughout this process we are going to concentrate on exploring audio description, using it as a tool for creation and devising, embedding it into our sound-score, so that it is part of the overall show rather than an additional after thought.  

‘A real stand-out moment for me was the duet trapeze performance by Jonny Leitch and Tilly Lee-Kronick [..] The choreography of this routine insightfully explored the complex emotions of carving out space and finding where you fit as a disabled person, and made for a visually stunning feat.’

(Life of Pippa)

‘Still, theatre memories are made up of set pieces, and the aerial duet of Jonny Leitch and Lee-Kronick towards the end of act one is one of the scenes of the year. The beauty, grace, and technique on display are virtuosic – a beautiful, heart-rending three minutes’

Kris Hallett (WhatsOnStage)

Research and Development Trailer

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Concept by Tilly Lee-Kronick and Coral Dawson. 

Mentorship by Charlotte Mooney and Jamie Beddard. 

We received a project grant from Arts Council England for the first phase of R and D which we undertook last year. We were also granted a seed commission from New Wolsey Theatre.  Supported by 101 Outdoor Arts Centre.

Anchored in Air is supported by Without Walls Blueprint R&D.