The Next Level

The Urban Playground & Gravity Style

Dance, Music/Sound

You’ve seen Parkour before. You’ve seen the stunts; the rooftop jumps, the dizzying leaps and rapid vaults – but that’s only half of the story…

Parkour’s essence is in the process of weaving through space – where the human body pours like water through obstacles, coalescing in new forms and new pathways, defying expectation and bending the rules of physics.

In The Next Level, Prodigal’s award-winning performers combine their unique dance disciplines with astonishing skills of French Parkour specialists Gravity Style to present a series of spectacular new choreographies on the all-new Urban Playground.


About Urban Playground & Gravity Style

Prodigal’s UPG Team has been performing Parkour for over five years, for the greater part in collaboration with Charles Perriere & Malik Diouf of the original Parkour group – The Yamakasi – and their organisation Gravity Style. The Urban Playground was the world’s first purpose-made modular set for the practice of Parkour, the Team designing the UK’s first permanent Parkour training area which opened in 2009. Together with Gravity Style the Team travels internationally teaching and performing the authentic Parkour style.

Production Credits:

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Co-commissioned by Brighton Festival and Dome
JUICE Newcastle Gateshead’s festival for children and young people
Without Walls