Music/Sound, Theatre

TOAST will be an immersive theatre show performed in a kinetic, fire lit bakery. Songs, recipes & stories of bread and their connection to celebration will be collected from diverse communities in R&D and on tour. They will be performed in and around the audience. Music from across cultures will be played on Yorkshire brass, drums & voice alongside advanced music & automation technology.

It will be based around a central moving engineered bakery with 3 performer musician chefs. The bakery will rotate like a millstone and/or move freely. It will need to perform many tasks – this challenge adding to its charm.


Pif-Paf is a genre-bending theatre company creating top-notch performance and sculpture and taking it to the places it doesn’t normally reach. Our work is presented outdoors and in non-traditional spaces and we are keenly involved in the development of the perception and possibilities of outdoor theatre. We are based in Sheffield working around the UK and beyond delivering small and mid-scale touring shows and commissions all with a unique visual, high-quality and accessible style.

Creation and Production Credits:

Pete Gunson is a nationally prominent theatrical engineer and experienced innovation project manager

Eleanor Hooper directs and performs and is highly trained in devised physical theatre and vocal ensemble work.

Jack Stoddart (Ramshacklicious, NoFitsState) leads on music tech & the band in this R&D – bringing knowledge from his DYCP work in 2019

Chez Dunford – high-level musician-actor is experienced enough to gather songs on the street

Aboud Khawaja – an established Yemeni musician based in Spital Hill (near us)

Dougie Nicholson – External Combustion – a large scale pyrotechnician & real tech boffin. Will mentor robust, versatile midi automation

Mike Patterson – national go-to automation engineer will mentor low-voltage high-ampere motors to move the bakery

Tim Neal is a community outreach worker with Roma in Sheffield.


Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

R&D is supported by Without Walls Blueprint.