Up My Street

The Cultural Assembly

Digital, Installation

Up My Street is the intersection of street culture, street art, dance, spoken word and digital, location-based art. The work can be performed through mixed reality, promenade arts trail that can only be viewed in outdoor locations through a smartphone screen, tablet screen or mixed reality headset as a group or individually.

The themes we are focussing on is rebuilding communities that are abandoning their town centres and losing a sense of belonging because retail businesses are closing in abundance and town centres are becoming undesirable places to go.

The Cultural Assembly

The Cultural Assembly was created in response to the growing recognition that a vibrant arts and cultural sector contributes directly to a healthy and stable society.

The company is made up of international performers, directors, producers, creative individuals and audiences and participants. Together it creates amazing people-led experiences for communities, organisations and business across all art forms, accelerating market learning and help fuel creative development as a means of authentic engagement for arts and business.

Creation and Production Credits:

Kwesi Johnson – former Artistic Director/Choreographer of Kompany Malakhi &  Creative Director of The Cultural Assembly and Creative Associate at The Young Vic Theatre.

Michele Panegrossi – Creative Technologist and Researcher in residence at Middlesex University

Paris – Graffiti Artist

Maxwell Golden – Spoken Word

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

R&D is supported by Without Walls Blueprint.