Volo: dreams of flight

Studio Go Go Limited

Digital, Installation

Climb aboard a playground swing; don a VR headset; and take flight in one of four award-winning Leonardo da Vinci virtual flying machines! Flap and soar over cliffs as an Ornithopter bird-person; ascend to join a psychedelic aerial ballet in your Helical Screw; shoot into satellite orbit from a renaissance cannon, to (hopefully) float safely back to ground in a Parachute; or bank and weave in a Glider performing across an extraterrestrial landscape.

About Studio Go Go

“We turn a good ride into an unusual and brilliant experience”.

Studio Go Go creates interactive VR rides and experiences. They create interactive VR content that will propel your experience of an existing mechanical ride into whole new dimensions. They also design and produce bespoke physical ride installations for corporate events, festivals, or permanent installation; and operate their own experimental rides with VR swings touring Europe and Australia, and a permanent fairground ride on Brighton Pier.

Studio Go Go’s team has extensive experience working with clients across the cultural sector and entertainment industry, and work best when producing to commission.

They are world-class creatives and cutting-edge technologists. We develop content that can be distributed globally, to be played locally on mobile VR headsets. Their work ranges from avant-garde audio-visual artworks, to the creation of playful interactive adventures.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Volo is created by Studio Go Go with support from Without Walls, City of London, Culture Mile, Arts Council England, and Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

Formerly known as VR Playground by Thrill Engineer.