Redbridge Outdoor Arts

An exciting programme of cultural events animating public spaces. Through the programming of high quality, innovative UK and international outdoor arts they aim to attract, engage and inspire local people, creating new and diverse audiences in Redbridge.

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Vision Redbridge Outdoor Arts is a Leisure Trust based in the London borough of Redbridge, a registered charity and non-profit organisation where any surplus made is reinvested for community benefit, to improve the quality of facilities and services offered to Redbridge residents. As a social enterprise Vision RCL is committed to working in partnership with the London Borough of Redbridge to deliver a wide range of leisure and cultural services to the communities that they serve.  

“Providing places where people and communities can thrive” 

Why we joined Without Walls

Vision RCL joined Without Walls to raise ambition, take risks and develop Redbridge Outdoor Arts, the benefits of joining organisations from across England including Local Authorities, Arts Council NPO’s and Creative People and Places projects will be a great opportunity for us to learn, share and build relationships. ROA is committed to touring Without Walls shows to our neighbourhoods in Redbridge. 

Joining the network will enable Vision to program dynamic, exciting and new outdoor arts, bringing high quality, spectacular, fun and reflective experiences to the Redbridge Outdoor Arts programme. Offering additional funding opportunities for audience development and community engagement, delivery of the Discover in a Day Arts Award and support for data collection to enable a robust evaluation. As well as a commitment to embed Equality Diversity & Inclusion, sustainability and access into the programme and wider organisation. 

The Redbridge Outdoor Arts team

Sam Goodey is the lead network member in the Without Walls Touring Network Partnership and Circulate Outdoor Arts for London, she created Redbridge Outdoor Arts and manages the Artistic Programme.  Sam is the Culture & Library Development Manager for Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure.


Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure

Redbridge Outdoor Arts Events

Redbridge Outdoor Arts is a spectacular, exciting, fun and reflective programme of cultural events animating public spaces for the whole community to enjoy together. Through programming high quality, innovative and new outdoor arts we aim to attract, engage and inspire local people, creating new and diverse audiences in Redbridge. We believe creating free, accessible and welcoming experiences for everyone encourages a sense of civic pride through the shared experience of Outdoor Arts. 

Redbridge Outdoor Arts runs once a month from May to October in Ken Aston Square, Barkingside and Ilford Town Centre, working in partnership with Tech Ilford, South Asian Heritage Month and Black History Month. 

Redbridge Outdoor Arts Audiences

The feedback from audiences is excellent, here are some favourite quotes from Summer 2019:

“The performance was inspiring and dynamic. My children loved it.”

“I always enjoy KAS and Redbridge events, always different and unusual!”

“I chanced upon it and was so impressed I bought someone else to the second show.”

“My friend came to see the show earlier and told me how good it was so I came along this afternoon.”

“It was lovely watching the dancers move and their message was inspiring and vital.”

“That was a truly magical experience that I witnessed (twice) today”

Redbridge Outdoor Arts audiences are mostly made up of local families that reflect the diversity of Redbridge. 90% of audiences live in the borough, with over 50% being Asian or Asian British. Almost 80% of audiences are defined as from the culturally low to medium engaged profiles with 58% defined as culturally low engaged. Over half of audiences live in some of the most deprived wards in the borough.