Arts Award Discover Training

Children & Young People

As part of Without Walls’s strategic NPO activities, Without Walls encourages and supports all consortium partners to deliver Arts Award Discover at their events, and therefore is offering all partners the opportunity to attend training on how to deliver Arts Award. During the training, partners have the opportunity to get advice on how to establish their own programmes of work.

Arts Award was launched in 2005 as an initiative delivered by Trinity College, London in association with Arts Council England and ten regional Bridge organisations. Arts Award Discover is the first level of the national Arts Award programme which aims to encourage children and young people to build up their knowledge and understanding of the arts.

Children aged five and above can complete an Arts Award Discover certificate by recording their experiences of artists and performances.


How does Arts Award work in the context of Without Walls?

Without Walls partners will provide an activity guide for children to complete at their Festival. Children will have the chance to think about and record their reactions and experiences of the outdoor arts festival they are visiting. Once children have completed their guides they should be handed to the Arts Award information point. The activity guide will then be forwarded to Trinity College, London, for validation before an Arts Award Discover certificate is sent out.

To achieve an Arts Award Discover, children collect evidence in an individual activity guide of their experiences of:

  • taking part in arts activities
  • researching artists or craftspeople and their work
  • sharing their arts discoveries

Arts Award gives children the chance to truly engage with the range of exciting experiences available at the Festival and brings valuable recognition for their efforts.


Arts Award adviser training and person specification

Advisers are crucial to Arts Award. They need to communicate with children and young people successfully and offer them effective support while they are working towards their Award. During the first training session which took place in March, participants were trained to be an Arts Award advisor at Discover level.