Dramaturgy Creative Lab at 101 Outdoor Arts

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We supported a residential dramaturgy lab for outdoor arts practitioners, which was produced and hosted by 101 Outdoor Arts on 11-13 May 2022. Through a series of group workshops, artists and practitioners with varying levels of familiarity with dramaturgy learned about different theories and tools that they could then apply to their own practice.

Led by dramaturg Lou Cope, the workshops aimed to:

  • Create a mutually supportive space where artists can explore approaches to dramaturgy and structure that they can apply to their own work;
  • Promote a critical understanding around the importance of clear and appropriate dramaturgy in the creation of successful work.

Claire Raftery from Periplum also brought her expertise of narrative outdoor work to the lab. 101 received 39 applications for 15 places, suggesting there is a demand for this type of workshop.

‘It is actually going to be impossible not to implement this learning, it’s a real game changer. It is as if a new lens had been put in front of my eyes and I can now see a lot more detail into all the elements that form a dramaturgy, and how these pieces interweave with each other to create your story/message/impression.’



‘The lab itself and the content was incredible. Lou’s approach and knowledge is fantastic, and I left feeling very inspired. I loved that the whole plan was to come away ‘thinking dramaturgically’ so we can incorporate this way of working into everything we do.’



Amina Khayyam – Dance
Andres de Silia – Sound walks
Angie Bual – Large-scale projects
Anusha Beeja – Children’s dance theatre
Arezzun Nessa – Dance
Iman Luna – Aerial circus
Angelikki Nikolaki – Aerial circus
Layla Madanat – Little Amal Assistant Director

Maisy Luk – Aerial circus
Mailaika Cunningham – Participatory work
Owen Gaynor – Street circus
Parvez Qadir – Audio tours
Chirag Lukha – AR, VR, fight choreography
Tania Holland Williams – Sited opera, sound
Kali Chandrasegaram – Dance
Jonathan Man – Theatre