Sharing knowledge and insights from the network

The Without Walls Discover Bursary Programme

[includes a programme report of approximately 10 minutes reading time]


Case Study: One Moon Project: Multi-Sensory and BSL at Derby Festé

One Moon, created around the showing of Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram, aims to raise awareness of the opportunities available for Deaf and disabled people to get involved with Derby Festé 2019. [Approximately 5 minutes]


SO Festival: Launching a Safe Zone

SO Festival launches an age-friendly safe zone and relaxation area, the Blue Zone, for disabled people and those with dementia, autism and special educational needs plus their family and carers. [Approximately 3 minutes]


Filming the Unfilmable: The Role of Live Broadcast in Outdoor Work

[Approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes, including a 2 hour panel recording and around 15 minutes panel notes]


Bicycle Boy: Making wheelchair accessible bicycles

Helen Eastman describes the process of how they made their bicycles accessible for wheelchair users. [Approximately 10 minutes, including a 6 minute Access Report]


Creative ways of collecting audience feedback

[Approximately 13 minutes, including training notes of 9 minutes reading]

Audience Development

Ambassador Schemes

[Approximately 8 minutes, including a 1 minute audio recording]

Audience Development

Arts Award Discover Training

[Approximately 2 minutes]

Children & Young People

Accessibility in Outdoor Arts, in collaboration with OffSite

[Seminar notes of approximately 6 minutes]


Artists Training Session: Incorporating Access for Outdoor Work

Helen Eastman, Daryl Beeton and Nathan Geering offer examples of considering physical access, audio description and captioning [Approximately 8 minutes, including 7 minute training notes]


Live Stream Recording: Q&A about open call process

[54 minute Q&A recording]

General Resources

Workshop Notes: From Mission to Measures – a workshop on evaluation design

[Approximately 9 minutes reading]

General Resources

Seminar Notes: Pricing outdoor work

[These notes are approximately 14 minutes reading]

General Resources

Starting your company’s access journey

Guides and resources on: venues & events access [22 minutes]; access training [6 minutes]; demystifying access [38 minutes]; accessible marketing [9 minutes]


Seminar Notes: insights and advice for international touring

[Approximately 14 minutes reading]