Seminar Notes: Pricing outdoor work

General Resources

A look to the strategies and advice for pricing outdoor arts touring work

This seminar in 2017 explored practical advice and an overview of pricing outdoor touring work

Top Tips for Pricing Outdoor Arts work include:

  • Pricing is an art not a science – don’t consider pricing in isolation, need to look at the overall picture
  • Set a balance of audience / show size, cost, portability (nature of the performance; does it cost a lot to transport?)
  • Have a great show – something you completely believe in
  • Make your show look good with strong imagery and marketing materials
  • Think of your USP and how that adds value to your show – can you use social media to hike your presence as well as the profile of the festival
  • Treat your company well
  • Be realistic and honest with programmers
  • Have several shows in rep – a variety of shows of different scales
  • Always write everything down around booking conversations

Explore more advice, and a detailed look into increasing fees costs and the programmer’s perspective in the notes from the seminar, download below.