SO Festival: Launching a Safe Zone


A refuge of relaxation with seaside themed ephemera

In 2019 SO Festival launched an age-friendly safe zone and relaxation area called the Blue Zone within the festival specifically for people with disabilities, life-altering conditions (including Dementia, Autism) and special educational needs as well as their family/carers.

The Blue Zone  included:

  • Seating (indoor and outdoor)
  • Shade and quiet away from main Festival activities
  • Refreshment station (water, hot drinks, biscuits)
  • Dedicated staff members to help and assist
  • Dominos and other accessible, relaxing games
  • Simple craft activities to aid relaxation
  • Seaside themed ephemera to encourage reminiscence

Wristbands were also provided to groups/individuals who registered their interest in the Blue Zone facilities prior to the festival. These wristbands granted them access to the area throughout the day (capacity permitting), enabling the festival team to manage admission and monitor capacity.