SUBPAC technology at Right Up Our Street


A 360 VR experience accessible to all

Based on evaluation from previous festival audience data Right up Our Street (RUOS) were able to identify that their audience members with limiting disabilities had increased. They gained this insight through the appointment of specialist Audience Development Consultation Panels which included Young Deaf / disabled groups who aided them to gain a better insight and connections relating to Deaf community members.

In response to these findings, RUOS used their audience development support from Without Walls to introduced SUBPAC technology to artist Brendan Walkers VR Playground ride to offer a fully accessible 360 experience of the ride for all audiences.  This worked in the following ways:

  • The original VR Playground experience offered immersive, kinetic installation based on two popular entertainment technologies: the multi millennia-old swing and the 21st-century virtual reality (VR) headset – the former designed to excite the vestibular system, the latter designed to excite the visual cortex.
  • The SUBPAC, initially designed to enable music producers to optimize the bass frequency spectrum in their music is a wearable tactile audio platform that combines hardware, software and advanced materials to deliver deeply immersive and nuanced bass with far more resolution and range than traditional speakers and headphones.  Essentially allowing users to FEEL sound in its entirety without increasing volume or even requiring headphones at all.
  • Incorporating the SUBPAC as a wearable device allowed audiences from the Deaf community the ability to access the sound element of the VR Playground via sonic frequencies that were converted into vibrations.
  • RUOS also brought on a BSL interpreter to be present at the event to ensure clear communication.