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Great Place Wentworth & Elsecar focuses on the rich heritage, culture and community engagement within these truly great places.

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We Great Place is a placemaking project that uses heritage and the arts to engage new audiences with heritage sites, through innovative creative activity.

Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Arts Council England (ACE), our work focuses on the rich heritage, culture and community engagement within these truly great places.

Over three years the WE Great Place team will deliver an exciting range of cultural activity, inspired by the vivid history linked to the fascinating Wentworth Woodhouse and Earl Fitzwilliam’s industrial empire at Elsecar. Our vision is to raise the aspirations of young people in the local area and help them achieve their potential using new, innovative methods of engagement.

Great Place is led by Barnsley Council, representing a close partnership with Rotherham Council and Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust.great

Why we joined Without Walls

Access to exceptional work and the expertise of the Without Walls network. By seeing other festivals, they are visions of a potential future if we can develop our events well.

Also, the collective work of Without Walls keeps us informed and supports us to engage diverse audiences across all art forms. But more: key strategic role, beyond entertainment!

The WE Great Place team

Rachel Blake WE Great Place Programme Manager

Rachel hopes to use her time with WE Great Place to ensure the economic value the visitor economy, creativity and arts have on a local area is realised and the communities surrounding Wentworth and Elsecar are inspired and equipped to access employment opportunities created.


Dominic Somers WE Great Place Arts Specialist

Dominic is passionate about placemaking and is excited to ensure creativity is embedded into all that WE Great Place do. He’s keen to empower creative risk-taking and push the way heritage and arts collaborate in innovative new ways. He believes in making communities proud of their places and communities while giving a wider national profile to our targeted areas.


Megan Clement WE Great Place Heritage Specialist

Megan hopes to use her time with WE Great Place to help engage communities with heritage in new, innovative and creative ways and to encourage and inspire people to be proud of their rich, varied and exciting local history.


Agnieszka Michalik WE Great Place Project Support

As a Project Support for WE Great Place project Aga hopes to utilise and build upon her existing experience and bring creativity and practical insight to the team and wider communities.

What's Happening at WE Great Place

Between 2018 and 2020 WE Great Place brought Wentworth Woodhouse and Elsecar to life through a number of beautiful curated, heritage focused, culturally lead large scale events, workshops and project collaborations.

WE Great Place