Creating Together Symposium Look Back

15 January 2024

This was a one day symposium for artists, producers, commissioners, festivals and public bodies to explore how projects and programmes for outdoors and public spaces can offer unique creative engagement opportunities for communities, artists and organisations alike.

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About the event

With a rich tradition spanning more than fifty years, artists working outdoors have created imaginative and impactful participatory and socially-engaged work often with a unique ability to develop powerful feelings of collective identity and sense of place. With individual creativity a central part of Arts Council England’s ten year strategy Let’s Create, this event explored the many forms that creating work with communities takes.

The symposium interrogated the role of the artist, commissioner and audience, the tricky balance of process and product and what the relationship might be between co-creation, participation and the evolution of new approaches to touring. Alongside guest speakers and panel sessions there will also be a chance to pose your own questions, take part in discussions and help to develop new models of practice for the outdoors.

Speakers included Orit Azaz (Imagineer, No Fit State), Susan Clarke (Stoke Creates, B-Arts, Outside CPP), Ellen Harrison (Historic England), Phill Haynes (Wye Valley River Festival), Liz Mytton (Theatre in Flow), Liz Pugh (Walk the Plank), Gemma Thomas (Appetite CPP). Facilitated by Chris Rolls (Collective Sense, formerly 64 Million Artists/Coventry City of Culture)

Presented by 101 Outdoor Arts in association with Without Walls.

Visual scribing by Beka Haigh

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Banner and featured image © Beka Haigh