A High Street Odyssey

Inspector Sands

Music/Sound, Walkabout

The landscape is so familiar, snaking through the town centre, the bricked over thoroughfare, the brightly glowing hoardings, the bins, the bollards, the benches, the big brand names. But what histories, what mysteries lie behind the pedestrianised retail zone? Who was Mr Boot? And Mr Smith? Who is Claire? And when did she get so into accessories? And who is here now? What’s that man doing? And what on earth does that woman have in her bag?

Witty, intimate, strange and epic, A High Street Odyssey will dissect the characters, reveal the secrets, consider the future and stare deep into the soul of the Great British High Street. It will never look the same again.

A 25-minute promenade audio-tour for 30 intrepid souls from award-winning company Inspector Sands.

About Inspector Sands

Inspector Sands was founded in 2005 and have become known for their irresistible mix of comedy and pathos in their detailed exploration of human behaviour. Their work integrates heightened fourth wall realism with a more expressionistic theatrical form, often using direct audience address and drawing strongly on elements of visual and sound design. by joint Giulia Innocenti, Lucinka Eisler and Ben Lewis, who work regularly with associate artists Lu Kemp and Elena Pena. Their recent show The Lounge (Summerhall, Soho Theatre) is currently being adapted by Riksteatern, Sweden’s national theatre, for a tour of Sweden.

Production Credits:

Ben Lewis (Director/Writer); Giulia Innocenti, Lucinka Eisler, Oliver Wood and Philip Bosworth (Performers); China Plate (Producer).



Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls
Greenwich + Docklands International Festival
Watford Palace Theatre