(An Ode To) Sweet Mothers


Digital, Installation

A pink and red image of someone's back with their arms raised and their hands on their neck.

An installation piece blending sculpture, poetry and short film; in a larger than life head tie gélé sculpture composed of sayings/idioms and native fabrics. The installation will screen Initiative.dkf’s short film Gélé and classic songs. Creating an accessible audiovisual experience in ode to our matriarchs and mothers.

About Initiative.dkf

Initiative.dkf is an award-winning multidisciplinary arts platform. They produce theatre, dance events, festivals and cultivate culture through instinctual and interdisciplinary work. Challenging what performance can be, look and FEEL LIKE. Led by Director DK Fashola and Creative Producer Wofai.  Creators of Melanin Box Festival, Albany Theatre Artists of Change ‘21, Eclipse Award Winner ‘20/21, Tamasha Associate Co. ‘19/20 and Talawa MAKE Artists ‘17  


‘Initiative.dkf builds work from the ground up blending authentic artism with actual empowerment’

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

Initiative.dkf Reel

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Gélé (1/3 of the LUDALA Collection) shorts/films supported by Albany and Tamasha Theatre.  

(An Ode To) Sweet Mothers is supported by Without Walls Blueprint R&D.