Audition Project

Miss High Leg Kick

Dance, Family, Music/Sound

In this exciting, interactive show, Miss High Leg Kick, Steve Nice and Harold Offeh will teach audiences a simplified version of the audition scene of A Chorus Line (the 1985 film).

This is a group piece about creative people striving to find an outlet for their passions – a high-energy dance piece, all the better for being performed by a group of mixed ability. It is as much about the experience as the final performance.

Richard DeDomenici will film the group performance as a “Redux”. They are re-creating a live group work open to all audiences (regardless of their dance background and age) – giving them the opportunity to be led by key artists in the UK live art sector today. Participants in Audition Project will experience the simple fun of learning a real “audition” choreography without any disappointing outcomes – all will star in the show.

About Miss High Leg Kick

Francesca Baglione (Miss High Leg Kick) is an established artist with extensive experience of creating large-scale outdoor work (e.g. Miss Kick’s Fashion Bus in Trafalgar Square (Greenwich+Docklands International Festival) and innovative interactive pieces (Duckie’s Olivier Award-winning show C’est Barbican.)
The key artists in Audition Project are Miss High Leg Kick, Harold Offeh, Steve Nice and artist/filmmaker Richard DeDomenici.

The artists have previously worked together in Fashion Bus and Miss High Leg Kick’s Promettes – an ACE supported continuing outdoor work which uses a multi-disciplinary troupe of artists who create movable, flexible routines through synchronised dance pieces, performance and comedy – to encourage audience engagement with arts events.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Supported by Without Walls.

Supported by Arts Council England.