Audition Project

Miss High Leg Kick

Dance, Family, Music/Sound

In this exciting, interactive show, Miss High Leg Kick, Steve Nice and Harold Offeh will teach audiences a simplified version of the audition scene of A Chorus Line (the 1985 film). Richard DeDomenici will film the group performance as a “Redux”. They are re-creating a live group work open to all audiences (regardless of their dance background and age) – giving them the opportunity to be led by key artists in the UK live art sector today. Participants in Audition Project will experience the simple fun of learning a real “audition” choreography without any disappointing outcomes – all will star in the show.
This is a group piece about creative people striving to find an outlet for their passions – a high-energy dance piece, all the better for being performed by a group of mixed ability. It is as much about the experience as the final performance.


About Yello Brick

Francesca Baglione (Miss High Leg Kick) is an established artist with extensive experience of creating large-scale outdoor work (e.g. Miss Kick’s Fashion Bus in Trafalgar Square (Greenwich+Docklands International Festival) and innovative interactive pieces (Duckie’s Olivier Award-winning show C’est Barbican.)
The key artists in Audition Project are Miss High Leg Kick, Harold Offeh, Steve Nice and artist/filmmaker Richard DeDomenici.

The artists have previously worked together in Fashion Bus and Miss High Leg Kick’s Promettes – an ACE supported continuing outdoor work which uses a multi-disciplinary troupe of artists who create movable, flexible routines through synchronised dance pieces, performance and comedy – to encourage audience engagement with arts events.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Supported by Without Walls.

Supported by Arts Council England.