Beautiful People

Tavaziva Dance Company & State of Emergency

Dance, Music/Sound

Performed by Tavaziva Dance with music and choreography by Bawren Tavaziva, Beautiful People is a new outdoor performance inspired by “Ilanga Umuntu Umuthle” (Shona, translates “The Sun is the Beautiful People”)

The piece takes the theme of the African market-place and sunset:
“when the sun and sky turn shades of gold and red, everything almost comes to a standstill, people and animals pause, there is a stillness in the air. When there is movement it becomes so rich and elegant. This is when nature performs its own dance.” (Bawren Tavaziva).

Visually, the piece will reflect the radiant colours of sunset, in strikingly-coloured costumes, and the movement vocabulary will combine Tavaziva’s unique Contemporary Dance and African styles. The dancers will use six “ruseros” (large, round, basketwork sieves) -which are common in the marketplaces of Zimbabwe.

Led by acclaimed dancer, choreographer and musician Bawren Tavaziva, Tavaziva Dance are known for their unique combination of contemporary and African dance styles.



About Tavaziva Dance Company / State of Emergency

Tavaziva is renowned for its beautiful and dynamic hybridization of contemporary, ballet and African dance. The style demands a high degree of technique, talent and skill resulting in unique, intricate and thrilling choreography for audiences to be inspired by.


State of Emergency has been creating high quality dance, theatre and music for over thirty years. As a producer in its own right, and also as an advocate for artists and performers, State of Emergency has established a national and international reputation.

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Supported by Without Walls (2008).