BEES! The Colony


Family, Installation, Theatre

With typical panache and imagination, Artizani and Avanti Display collaborate on a new multi-sensory installation. In BEES! The Colony, audiences wander amongst the honey-perfumed Bee Colony, occasionally cloaked in smoke, finding a variety of ways of viewing and interacting with the contents of 6 impossible Bee Hives. In each there is a surprising conceptual twist, which challenges, charms and confounds expectations – you may find yourself looking into the vastness of space or teased by a telescopic hive soaring into the air. The installation is tended by ethereal beekeepers and atmospherically lit when performed at night.



About Artizani

Artizani is a UK arts company which specialises in spectacular theatre performed in unconventional spaces. As one of Europe’s most stylish and stunning street theatre acts, Artizani combines physical theatre and circus with a vaudevillian repertoire of routines and an eye for the surreal image.




Production Credits:

Created by Artizani and Avanti Display.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Supported by Without Walls.

Originally created as part of 6 Impossible Things – a collaboration between Avanti and Artizani with support from Arts Council England.