Bone Yard Tales

Rag and Bone

Installation , Music/Sound , Puppetry , Theatre

Rag and Bone struggle along, making ends meet in ‘The Bone Yard’, a scrap heap, or graveyard, or your back yard, somewhere or nowhere, a place constantly changing and growing. They dance, delight and despair in their world, but are they alone? What are those noises? Did that junk move?

They tell the ‘Bone Yard Tales’, a series of myths of the destructive power, fecundity and addictive nature of waste, or just a few stories spun out to distract Bone from bashing bits of metal all the time?

Bone Yard Tales features seven performer/mechanics, mixing physical theatre, puppetry, song, live music and mechanical imagery

About Rag and Bone

Bone Yard Tales is a Rag and Bone production. Rag & Bone breathe new life into outdoor theatre and processional traditions, telling stories, creating shows, building giants, beasts and fiery spectacles.

Bone Yard Tales features a cast of performers/technicians including Helen Gregg, Ben Phillips, and Tarn Aitken, a new score by Tim Hill, has been designed by Dave Young with costumes by Sarah Dicks and directed by Damian Wright


Production Credits:

Written and Directed by Damien Wright, from an idea by Tim Hill and Dave Young and additional words/lyrics by Helen Gregg, Tim Hill and Ben Phillips

Music by Tim Hill ~ Design by Dave Young ~ Costume by Sarah Dicks and Jane Gaffikin

Build/make by Tarn Aitken, Martin West and Dave Young ~ Performers: Helen Gregg and Ben Phillips

Musicians: Tim Hill (saxophone and vocals), Rob Arcari and Ollie Tunmer (drums/percussion)

Crew/Boneyard Troupe – Tarn Aitken, Martin West and Dave Young ~ Sound/PA: Gaz Lewis/King Sound Reinforcements

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls and Salisbury Festival, in 2013, with support from Arts Council England.