Wild N Beets


Buck-a-Brenda is inspired by Beryl and Cyril’s love of their favourite pastime – playing the vintage game ‘Buck-a-Roo’ in their local social club.

The cheap plastic moody mule always reminded them of one of their local club members, Brenda, affectionately known as the ‘Crip with a Chip.’ Combining this with their disability politics, Buck-A-Brenda is in progress to become the summer’s hottest new game.

Hosted by Beryl and Cyril in a new cowboy/girl themed look, riding on their pimped up mobility scooter makeshift horses and wearing double denim, teams will compete by laying the weight of their prejudices onto Brenda. The team which makes Brenda buck is out and play resumes, the winning team is the last team remaining in the game and of course, receives the mystery prize.

About Wild N Beets

Daryl Beeton and Nicola Miles-Wildin have worked together on various projects since 2007, exploring ways to make outdoor work accessible and inclusive. Through their collaborations at Graeae, The Paralympics Opening Ceremony and Kazzum they have created outdoor shows together with other companies for many years. In 2017 they set up their new collective Wild N Beets and created their first show Bingo Lingo, a Without Walls 2017 commission, which has established the foundations for future work.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Buck A Brenda is supported by Without Walls, and commissioned by Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, and Hat Fair.

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.