Catch Me


Circus, Installation, Theatre

Two dancers are dancing on top of two chairs in an outdoor shipping container storage space. They are holding onto eachother, each preventing the other from falling.

A playful and dynamic pop up style performance and installation, Catch Me invites the public to question their expectations of age and gender and who is capable of what. Blending dance, acrobatics, object manipulation and installation, this show will open unexpected dialogue and surprise passers-by with an intergenerational cast.

Catch Me will be Upswing’s fourth touring production for outdoor spaces and will blend visual installation with a performance incorporating acrobatics, dance and object manipulation. The show is a continuation of our exploration of ageing and gender stereotypes.

It aims to provoke the audience playfully around the messages we all absorb subliminally and consciously absorb: on ethnicity, gender, the relationship between generations, who cares for whom, who is of value to whom and who is capable of what.

Catch Me is a lively and surprising take on age and gender. An older women and younger man balance, climb and jump across a stack of chairs. Together they discover all the people they can be. Part installation and part performance, Catch Me asks how we see each other and who we value.

Join Upswing for an energetic mix of dance, circus and chairs. Performed in public spaces for the entire family.

About Upswing

Telling New Stories, in Extraordinary Ways. Upswing is a leading, award-winning, contemporary circus company based in the UK.

We create world-class experiences that connect audiences, artists and participants through cutting-edge circus. Upswing’s shows fuse spectacular aerial work with acrobatics, dance, theatre and cutting-edge multimedia to tell powerful stories. We specialise in bringing extraordinary circus stories to meet the audiences who inspire us.

Creative / Production credits:

Susan Kempster is an award-winning choreographer who has danced and made work in Australia, Japan, the USA, Spain and the UK. She holds an MA in Performance. Her most recent work is a solo show called Eye, and she teaches dance and movement at some of London’s top conservatoires.

Jerone Marsh-Reid is a physical performer and recent graduate from East 15 Acting School. He recently performed his self devised duet show Mood at The Clifftown theatre, and is movement directing his company’s show The Maniac Complex at Southend Fringe in July 2019.

Directed & Choreographed by Vicki Amedume / Upswing
Designed by Becky Minto
Sound Design and Composition by Finn Anderson

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Catch Me is supported by Without Walls, and commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

Additional funding and support from Arts Council England, and Festival of Creative Ageing.


Images © Matthew Kaltenborn