Choogh Choogh


Dance, Music/Sound, Theatre

Two women of South Asian heritage are dressed in traditional South Asian clothing. They are knelt down on the floor in front of a row of school children. Their hands point towards the children as the children gaze back at the performers.

Choogh Choogh inspired by the joy of travelling through India on a train. The journey starts with audience getting a special choogh choogh ticket. Sound scape is rich with sounds of train, hawkers, festivals and musicians.

Artists sing songs specially written for children – Chai Chai, Coffee Coffee. Scarves become steam, railway tracks, train windows, camels, and so much more. A journey where the audience experience the world from inside the train, through the train and outside it. Along the way the tickets get checked, imaginary food is sold and shared, among other interactions.

This show is an exploration of just how much we can see and imagine, together, as the train chooghs chooghs on. 

About Beeja

Beeja means ‘seed’ in Hindi. It was started by Anusha Subramanyam – dancer, choreographer, teacher and dance movement therapist. She is seen as one of the most exciting exponents of Bharatanatyam in the UK. In keeping with its name, Beeja aims to generate new ideas, new understanding using Indian classical and folk dance forms. 

Over the years Beeja has created that is exciting and accessible. Besides performing in mainstream venues the company has also performed in non-conventional venues like museums, hospitals, schools, village halls and other public spaces.  

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Choogh Choogh is supported by Without Walls.

Image credits © Vipul Sangoi