Community Chest

Matthew Harrison

Family, Installation

Venture into this mysterious wooden chest for a treasure seeking, puzzle solving, interactive experience for all ages. Help each other to escape in time by finding the community spirit and reviving the heart inside.  

A collaborative escape room experience for all. 

About Community Chest

Four groups of participants are simultaneously locked in four separate chambers of a giant treasure chest and must help each other to escape. This participatory interactive art installation aims to bring people together through co-operative treasure hunting and puzzle solving challenges whilst testing communication skills and encouraging neighbourliness.

Can the communal spirit be found and revive the heart of the community?

Community Chest was designed in 2019 prior to the coronavirus pandemic and was subsequently redeveloped and created during the lockdown of 2020. It is Matthew Harrison’s second interactive installation following on from 2017’s highly successful Actual Reality Arcade.

Audio Description of the Community Chest structure:


Audio flyer:

About Matthew Harrison

Matthew Harrison has been engaging the public in the creation of art and animation for over two decades. Over the past 5 years he has been touring the incredibly popular ‘Actual Reality Arcade’ a life sized interactive game zone providing fun for all audiences to enjoy.  

Placing an emphasis on true public participation and the production of smiles all round.  

Creative / Production credits:

Creative chest-building Fabrication Consultant / Assistant: Joel Coppard
Creative puzzle fabrication assistant: Ben Hollings

Image credit: Andrew Billington, Adrienne Photography

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Community Chest has been supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Out There Festival.

Co-commissioned and funding support by Norwich Games Festival. R&D supported by Without Walls Blueprint R&D Fund