Crap at Animals



Crap at Animals does what it says on the tin. One guy tries heroically and fails epically to do impressions of 48,000 rare animals in under an hour.

How do you do a Darth Vader Giant Pill Millipede? Have you ever heard of a Miss Kerala Look-a-Like? What kind of animal is a Problematic Flasher???

Come and explore the madness and diversity and beauty of life with wildly playful solo performance artist Tom Bailey. Tom takes audiences on a clowning, physical theatre and VR rollercoaster ride into a bonkers-big world of currently extinct and endangered species.


Mechanimal is an award-winning theatre company from Bristol. It creates and tours work in the UK and internationally. The company creates inclusive, devised performance that explores life on a changing planet, and new narratives of our Anthropocene era. It’s led by Tom Bailey, and collaborates with artists across diverse ethnic, gender and neurodiverse backgrounds.


Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Crap at Animals is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival, EFFEA, Passage Festival Denmark.

Image credits © Mechanimal

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