Avanti Display

Crow (working title) is a new performance from by Avanti Display who you may know from previous shows The Spurting Man, Mr. Lucky’s Party, Hydromania or Full Circle. Avanti Display has been making outdoor shows for many years and have toured all over the world.

About Crow

Crow will feature new compositions from Seaming To, Lou Glandfield and George Kahn. These new works will form a starting point for the devising process, creating the atmosphere and informing the structure.

Music will both feature and underscore, creating atmosphere and punctuating action. There will no text and the show will be both comic and beautiful.  Three people on the road, who both play the music and perform, with minimal technical requirements it will be suitable for both daytime and after dark performance.

In all their work they try to entertain the audience whilst taking them somewhere they have never been.

About Avanti Display

Avanti Display has been creating outdoor performance of all scales for almost 30 years. They produce and present a highly individual brand of outdoor performance and tour it across the UK and beyond. Avanti Display is one of the UK’s longest established outdoor performance companies.

Avanti Display aims to create pieces that are engaging and accessible, they like to collaborate with other artists, with each project having a bespoke team, some who have worked with them before some new to Avanti.

For more information on Avanti Display visit their website here.

Creative / Production credits

Composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist: Seaming To

Composer and poet: Lou Glandfield

Composer:  George Kahn

Performer and Deviser: Paschale Straiton

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Bath Fringe (Bedlam Fair) Support for try Out in 2021

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.