Desperate Men

Dance, Music/Sound, Theatre

As Desperate Men approach the 40th year of its creative endeavours in 2020, it’s time to reflect and project. Bouncing on the springboard of the last four decades, the absurdities and upheavals of 40 years of cultural, social, environmental and political change this show will ask how on earth did humanity get here – and where are we heading?


Desperate Men will be in challenging theatrical territory with strong design, exciting sounds, visual effects, eccentric movement, text and song – yet grounded in an acute connection with the audience- with four experienced performers and a range of ages, skills and perspectives.

They’ll be asking what significant events have shaped our times, both personally and globally? Is there a feasible future to build and share? What can we hope for? They’ll walk a tightrope between the fun and frolicsome and the dark and mysterious. We’ll ask awkward questions, always invite participation, and we’ll celebrate.

Desperate Men

Desperate Men is one of the UK’s most experienced and inventive artist-led outdoor arts companies, with a 38-year track record of creating original, challenging, and accessible street theatre.

Desperate Men’s mischievous, warm-hearted work invites audiences to ask serious questions about the world. Desperate Men also work as creative producers, integrating ideas and concepts with practical development for arts projects across the UK and Europe.

The work encompasses large scale outdoor and mid-scale street shows and indoor theatre, as well as educational and health initiatives, intercultural explorations, neighbourhood events and science projects.

Risk-taking and innovative, the company enjoys wide respect from peers and promoters for combining contemporary themes and topical content with a provocative, passionate yet convivial style. Through theatrical interventions and comic interaction, Desperate Men connect with all sorts of people – ordinary and extraordinary – in all sorts of places.

Creation and Production Credits:

Jon Beedell & Richard Headon (DM Directors) Emma Cameron (Producer), Shirley Pegna (DM Musical Director), Rod Maclachlan (light projections), Angus Barr (Director) Orit Azaz (Mentor), Lina Johansson (Choreographer -Mimbre) Will Datson (Designer) Claire Teasdale (Advisor -Extraordinary Bodies)

As well as performers we will identify a poet/wordsmith and 2 younger male/female performers (tbc) for a studio period of investigation and devising.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.