Do What Ya Mamma Told Ya!

Just More Productions

Circus, Family, Theatre

A feast of food fusion across geography and generations, in this vibrant street theatre, comedy circus show!

About Do What Ya Mama Told Ya!

International touring contemporary circus artist Blaze and touring circus chef/clown Fatina are a mother and daughter duo!

Join them on a joyous journey of a plate spinning, food juggling and fire blazing! Once the chaos comes to an end it’s time for the grand finale, where the clumsy assistant finally gets a taste the food. It’s so good, so sweet! That suddenly Tiny T’ is no longer clumsy, gains superpowers!

About Just More Productions

Just More is a physical theatre & circus company, using food history and circus to educate and entertain, vibrant and friendly performances, bringing culture and communities together.

This is a genuine mother/daughter collaboration. The company have a close relationship having toured together in Nofitstate Circus from the early years – in 2005.

Blaze was just 15 when her mum the cook ran away with the circus. Having both toured it was then time to bring the family kitchen and its recipes to life!

Watch showreel here.

Find out more on the Just More website here.

Creative / Production credits:

Images: Do What Yah Mamma Told Yah by Just More Productions at Timber 2021 © Leyla Guler

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Originally commissioned in 2019 by Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium. Supported via Articulture by the Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government, and the National Lottery.

2021 Tour was supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival, Wild Rumpus and Just So Festival & Timber Festival.

Along with additional support from 101 Outdoor Creation