Embaire Village

Max Reinhardt, Jamie Linwood, Tina Koch and Charlotte Mooney

Circus, Dance, Music/Sound

Embaire Village is a musical and acrobatic project that brings together musicians and non-musicians, trained dancers/acrobats and people who think they can’t, the deaf and the hearing, school days and festival days.

About Embaire Village

At the beating heart of the project is the Embaire xylophone from villages in the Busoga region of Uganda, a leviathan of an instrument with bass notes as big as railway sleepers.

Together with deaf children from Mary Hare School, we will experiment with devising a show that draws the audience into a trancey joyous communal music-making experience.

About Max Reinhardt and Jamie Linwood in collaboration with Tina Koch and Charlotte Mooney (Ockham’s Razor):

Max Reinhardt (musical director Oily Cart/ presenter #LateJunction @BBC Radio3) has assembled a team of artists he’s worked with at Oily Cart and in the Instant Orchestra: Jamie Linwood outdoor tuned percussion expert; Tina Koch & Charlotte Mooney, choreographic/acrobatic facilitator/directors from Ockham’s Razor; virtuoso pitched percussionists George Panda (Sierra Leone/UK) and Bex Burch, plus Brazilian percussionist and composer Adriano Adewale.

Creative / Production credits:

Produced by Jo Ross for Oxford Contemporary Music.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Arts Council England, Mary Hare School for Deaf Children, Newbury.

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.