Tickertape Parade

Family, Music/Sound, Theatre

Step into the unforgettable magic of Fantabulosa! – a fantastical pop-up world of imagination, storytelling and glitter where boundaries are forgotten and everyone and anyone can be whoever they want to be.

Join some of the UK’s leading drag artists for a queer-positive participatory family drag show for public spaces encompassing interactive storytelling, lipsync, performance, dress-up, games and original songs.

Fantabulosa! is a suite of public space performance, participation and games created by an ensemble of drag queens, kings and other drag artists to showcase the imagination and inclusivity of drag and queer culture to children.

The show aims to challenge gender assumptions, occupy heteronormative city spaces, showcasing a wide spectrum of drag culture, welcome audiences new to drag and create for the next generation the kind of work that the artists themselves wished they had seen as children.

About Tickertape Parade

Tickertape Parade creates combined arts experiences focused on underrepresented voices and encouraging social, cultural and municipal engagement. It is a strand of work by Birmingham-based Creative Producer Tim Hodgson. Fantabulosa! is directed by Adam Carver, creative lead of SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts & Culture since 2016. Adam’s creative and curatorial practice explores otherness and navigating the queer experience, the re-prioritisation of Midlands perspectives within national queer discourse and decentralisation of queer narratives.

Creative / Production credits:

Produced by Tickertape Parade

Directed by Adam Carver

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Fantabulosa! is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, Hat Fair, and Salisbury International Arts Festival.

Fantabulosa! is supported using public funding from Arts Council England. Commissioned by Birmingham Hippodrome, Appetite Stoke and supported using funding provided by the OffSite affiliate partners – Déda, Derby Féste, So Festival and Appetite Stoke.