Southpaw Dance Company


In this re-imagining of Goethe’s “Faust”, drinking, gambling, womanising, and general debauchery make the Speakeasy a perfect place for a man to lose his soul, as we see when Faust is manipulated, to both comic and tragic effect, into a deal with the devil where his very soul hangs in the balance.

Told through the intense physical and narrative dance style that Southpaw Dance Company has become renowned for, Faust features a unique fusion of world-class breaking combined with Lindy Hop, Charleston, and swinging big band music of the roaring ’20s that taps into the spirit of gangsters, bootleggers, gamblers, flappers, and hep cats of the time.

Flaming cocktails, burning boxing rings, and a literally explosive set combine with world-class dance skills and authentic 20s styling to provide an experience not to be missed.

About Southpaw Dance Company

Southpaw Dance Company creates strong work with integrity, challenging conventional notions and deconstructing barriers of movement to innovate and create a distinctive new style; absolute respect for the art and discipline of dance, yet unafraid to blend styles and forms if it creates a narrative which inspires and engages audiences, and ultimately expresses a passion for what dance performance can be.

Production Credits:

Robby Graham (Choreographer and Dancer); Benjamin Taylor Shepherd, Sam Amos, Rokas Saltenis, Eroy Chan, Paul Martin (Dancers).

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls, Dance City, Stockton International Riverside Festival, Tees Valley Dance, Magnetic Events / SO Festival.