Kit Green

Family, Installation

Sometimes play is just too serious to leave to the little ones.

FeelPlay is an exciting new innovation in playing your way to great mental health! It’s for adults only. Sorry kids!

Sometimes play is just too serious to leave to the little ones. It’s simply an invitation to find that child-like joy in a playground especially made for grown-ups, encouraging you to take responsibility for YOUR mental health.

Experience the grown-up playground on a guided tour with FeelPlay staff at a festival near you, download the free FeelPlay app to take part on your own mobile.

About Kit Green

Kit Green is a multi-award winning performer and writer who has appeared all over the world, works for the biggest cultural institutions in the UK, and has nice hair. 

All of their work involves encouraging the audience to get involved – directly in the case of their experiential work or as Ida Barr leading the Hokey Cokey – but indirectly they always encourage some kind of response from simply leaning in to take more notice, to getting up and taking some action.

Creative / Production credits:

Produced by Split Second (2020 – 2022) and Time Won’t Wait (2019 – 2020).

Image credits: Sorcha Bridge, Adrienne Photography, David Lavene

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

FeelPlay has been supported by Without Walls and commissioned by FESTIVAL.ORG.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.