Full Circle

The World Famous

Installation, Music/Sound, Theatre

An astonishing show featuring live music from Slovenian musicians Terrafolk.   Full Circle uses fire, fireworks, music, special effects to tell a story of transiencechange, and the relationship between humanity and the environment, taking you on a musical pyrotechnic journey through the seasons.

A frozen tree sits in a wintry landscape.  The wind howls through its branches, carrying strange sounds.  Out of the noise, a tune appears and 4 pod-like flowers slowly open, revealing the musicians.  The music gradually brings the garden to life… spring’s new growth blooms into a colourful summer party … then the heat builds and the air turns heavy…. Can the music resist the storm?



About World Famous

Production Credits:

Concept & Design – Mandy Dike

Direction – Mike Roberts,

Music – Terrafolk,

Soundscape – Aswarm, 

Lighting Design – Phil Supple,

Pyro Design – Maria Hingerty

Co-Design – Graeme Gilmour

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Supported by Without Walls (2008).