Fussy Foodies Frolicking!

Just More Productions

Circus, Dance, Puppetry

A live interactive cooking show, and immersive cooking experience, a travelling postapocalyptic Beetle Bug kitchen that finds itself in the future. Meet Chilli Marco, the fiery roman herbalist Gladiator, the chariot driver.

Having navigated the robust Beetle Bug through time and space carrying Messy Tina the ancient herbalist from the West Indies, both compete to impress us with their curing ancient herbs –  there’s only one way to settle it –  a live cook-off it’s the battle of the pans! But who will you side with?!

About Fussy Foodies Frolicking!

A vibrant travelling outdoor interactive cooking show that takes you on a post-apocalyptic journey, Find yourself in the beetle bug parade then battling with pots and pans, choose to side with The West Indian ancient herbalist or with The fiery Roman herbalist Gladiator. Help the fire-eating flaming chefs as they battle out to see who the is best time travelling chef!

Fussy Foodies Frolicking is an interactive and culturally diverse live cook-off using performance to educate and entertain. Slapstick comedy filled with pyros, circus, and magic, suitable for all the family!

About Just More Productions

Just More Productions is a new community development company, using food history and performance to educate and entertain, creating vibrant and friendly educational performances bringing cultures and communities together. Just More is a family-led company from first and second-generation alternative travelling circus community.

Collaborating as mother and daughter, Just More started a journey, bringing food history and circus performance together.

For more information on Just More Productions visit their website here.

Creative / Production credits

Cast: Fatina Cummings, Marco Fiera

Creative Collaborator: Blaze Tarsha

Associate Producer: Zoe Munn

Others TBC

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.