Digital, Installation, Music/Sound

A tree has become inhabited by a colony of strange pulsing entities.

About Gather

Active by day, pulsing entities within a tree really come to life at night, when each individual entity emits short surges of a peculiar sound and light; flickering intermittently with a phosphorescent glow, like sonic fireflies. Over time, they become increasingly excited, as an adjacent sculpted aerial tree starts to buzz and crackle with conducted energy until it reaches an explosive crescendo. The cycle repeats like a tolling clock tower, gathering people to spend time with this inhabited tree.

About Aswarm

Aswarm (Ltd) is a transformative public arts company based in the UK, lead by Artist & Sound Designer Thor McIntyre-Burnie.   We specialise in site-specific and immersive work, using sound and other sculptural & AV elements to subtly alter our experience of architecture, public space and performance.  Our projects range from solo artist works to full production teams, drawing on a tight team of specialists and network of professionals.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls, for Brighton Street arts Festival, Manchester XTRAX, Winchester Hat Fair, Greenwich & Docklands and Stockton SIRF festivals.