Gullivers Boom Box

Company Fierce


Gullivers Boom Box is a trip through time showing the development, evolution, skill and sophistication of street dance.

Set on an impressive, larger than life ghetto blaster that acts as a music system and performance stage it is a kind of time tardis for dance movements and music.  It houses dancers who burst out of the hi-fi set demonstrating the highest level of choreographic artistry to illustrate the decades. From the soul-funk filled 70’s and the evolution of disco and locking, through the 80’s era of shell toes and the birth of rap music to the present day, we see street dance brought right up to date. The show reflects the changing fashions, dance styles and politics through the decades against a funk-filled musical soundtrack.



About Company Fierce

Company Fierce is a Black dance company that specialises in Contemporary, African, Afro Caribbean, Soca and Street Dance.
The community work and projects we do are at the highest level work we have done in the past has been in community centres, youth clubs and various community setting.

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Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Supported by Without Walls (2008).